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Thank you for your interest in Brothers Entertainment. Please be advised that all information on our website remains accurate and we are always seeking new talent. We are well aware of the need for a major website renovation. Our website has remained in an archived state for several years. We apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to the development and launch of a new site. Until then, please feel confident that we are still here to meet your total Korean music needs. Thank you!

All you have to do is mail us your:
� demo tape / CD that shows your vocal or rapping ability
� recent photos (the more the better)
� application form
� optional video (highly recommended)

� recordings can be made at home or karaoke (noraebang). It isn't necessary to spend money to have a demo professionally recorded. Just be sure we can hear your voice clearly.
� Send as many photos as you wish. The more the better. Again, they don't need to be professionally taken.
� Always label your items (name on tape/CD and back of photos)
� A videotape (camcorder) is always the best way to show us your talents. It can be recorded in the comfort of your home and it helps you to get relaxed in front of the camera.

� don't �over sing� or choose songs that don't match your ability
� we don't expect perfection, just try your best
� to be certain we receive your package, make sure to send an actual tape/CD by US Mail. Some people only send files by email, but our spam filters often delete them without being opened. You can email to introduce yourself and we can give you an address that has capacity for such files.
� Don't be easily discouraged. We receive several demos each week. At times we get overwhelmed and only respond to those select few that interest us. Sometimes we might like you, but still take a long time to contact you due to our schedules.
� Don't take rejection personally. If you truly feel you gave it your best shot, never give up. Just because we might not be interested, that doesn't mean another company won't. Be satisfied knowing that you tried your best.

� There is NEVER any fee to audition. If we are interested, we will invest our money in you. Good Luck!

� After you have completed the application form, please send all the required items to:

Brothers Entertainment
P.O. Box 176
Temple Hills, MD 20757 U.S.A